PMBOK6 Schedule for September release

Here is the good news, long waiting is going to over in September. PMI twitter officially confirmed that PMBOK6 Schedule for September release. PMI released new note as, “how much do you really know about the ® Guide? Learn why it’s THE standard for practice:

The PMI release outline is, PMBOK® is a step by step on “How to manage a Project” Manual is a myth, where as the fact is It’s a guide to help you tailor and select the right approach for your project. Every PMP aspirants must know the facts about PMBOK® Guide.

Fast Facts about the PMBOK® Guide:

  • Represents good practice for most projects most of the time
  • Consensus-based and research-informed (see more about how it’s created)
  • Created to help you tailor and select what you need for your project
  • Contains 10 Knowledge Areas – what you need to know, understand and practice
  • Available in English and 10 additional languages

While we are waiting for the final version of PMBOK 6 scheduled to release in September let’s see how it’s created to get idea on how valuable it is and the real efforts place by PMI to bring most reliable guide for the project managers.

The leaders define that Good practice, Most projects and Most of the time. PMBOK is a guide to the project management body of the knowledge. A guide of all the things true about project management.

PMBOK got 3 parts

Part 1: Guide it self, that contains the chapters , front end of three chapters and another 10 sections/chapters. Front end describes what a project is, how it fits to the rest of business and organization and second chapter describes how different project management processes can make up to fit together into different process groups, and the third chapter describes the role of the project manager, what we have to do to lead a good project, what are the competencies , skills and knowledge of an effective project manager.

Rest of the 10 chapters are the knowledge areas, these are the things that you have know, understand and practice in order to do project management. These are the things that you have to know

  1. How to manage project Schedule
  2.  How to manage project Cost
  3. How to manage project Risk
  4. How to manage project Quality
  5. How to manage project Scope
  6. How to integrate all these together

Part 2: Part2 of PMBOK is the standard. ANSI (American National Standard Institute, it describes the process groups and processes, with in the PMBOK guide and how they fit together. For each one of these Inputs and Outputs and describe process with it’s benefits.


Part3: Part3 is the Back end management, which is the APPENDICES, GLOSSARY and THE INDEX . That’s everything about PMBOK6. Here is the bird view of the PMBOK GUIDE coverage.


Remember PMBOK is NOT

  1. PMBOK is NOT How-to-Guide

2. PMBOK is NOT a Methodology

3. PMBOK is NOT a Cookbook

PMBOK is Guide to select right things for your individual project. In a small project a project manager may identify 2 to 4 outputs that PMI identifies and larger projects much more higher than what PMI identifies. As a project manager focus on the word called guide. It is a guide to identify inputs, tools and techniques and outputs. But you as a project manager is accountable to identify right approach for your project.

The beauty here is, PMBOK6 is releasing with the caption “BY PROJECT MANAGERS, FOR PROJECT MANAGERS”

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