How PMBOK6 Guide evolved

Here it is quite important to understand how PMBOK6 guide evolved.

Most of the PMP aspirants probably heard of the PMBOK® Guide sixth edition scheduled to release in September, it is important to know about the leading publication that informs the project management profession. Here are the quick facts on how PMBOK6 guide developed

Fast Facts about the PMBOK® Guide:

  • Developed by project managers, for project managers
  • Over 100 global practitioner/volunteers on the core team contribute content
  • More than 8,500 comments were received and addressed in creation of the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition
  • Available in English and 11 additional languages

Ref: PMI® news website

We just made an attempt to elaborate further and answer some frequently asked questions from PMP aspirants.

Who writes PMBOK guide sixth edition?

The content of PMBOK6 developed By Project Managers, For Project Managers.

How is the PMBOK6 is created?

PMBOK is not created by PMI headquarters isolation somewhere in the world. It’s created by practitioners around the world at different levels, PMI had 10 passionate practitioners or volunteers from 8 different countries coming together to share their experience and their wisdom in what project management is like today. They had over 100 contributors again from overall around the world, writing and reviewing the content of different chapters. With that we PMI got whole exposure draft to the community, PMI received 8,500 comments from the project management community. All the comments were formally reviewed and responded to with write an appeal. With that PMI achieved that the draft is available to whole body of practitioners. In Addition to PMI followed quite rigorous review process, PMI has member advisory group to review the PMBOK guide and there is consensus body to make sure it’s hangs together as a whole and it is inline with PMI practices, values and standards, so that PMBOK guide is not produced by PMI staffers somewhere in the states. It’s a product of the project management community at large, lead by group of Subject Matter Experts and passionate volunteers.

Why was the PMBOK® guide updated?

As most of PMP aspirants wonder why PMBOK guide keep updating, isn’t it a standard , shouldn’t it be stable?

Well, there are couple of reasons, one of those is, PMI is  ANSI (American National Standard Institute) standard, PMI required to look at the content for every 5 Years and the second reason is PMI professionals involving. There have lot of progress been made in 5 years and it is important to get the best information that PMI can get. Now the great thing about PMBOK Guide 6th  edition is , it is research based. PMI has academic research,  market research that went into this edition. With this PMBOK guide sixth editions is research informed and it’s evidence based. It’s a whole process, so it’s not just driven by PMI or just one single person. PMI thrive to read every single comment and PMI dedicated to make sure the best product available to the PMP aspirants. So, get tune to upgrade your project management skills with the help of  the most demanding guide for project management PMBOK GUIDE 6th Edition.

As PMI confirmed PMBOK GUIDE 6th edition scheduled to release in September and the question with the new content reflects in the PMP exam starting from January.


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